Write Club @ Prop


The first rule of Write Club is nobody talks about the Write Club. On Jan 29th a group of writers will square off in a series of battles that will result in the audience deciding the champ. Hosted by Ian Belknap, Write Club will feature Jenny Magnus (Curious Theatre Branch); Jonathan Messinger (Featherproof Books, Dollar Store Show); Christopher Piatt (former theater critic, Time Out Chicago, host of Paper Machete); Eric Ziegenhagen (bon vivant extraordinaire), Kristiana Colón (Def poet, Worldwide Poetry Slam). The writers will compose original pieces on opposing topics. The topic will be Sex vs. Death, Light vs. Dark, and Fate vs. Free Will. It will be a exciting, competitive, but above all else and evening of great lit.

Write Club takes place at PROP as part of Rhino Fest on Jan. 29th. From 9 to 10pm.

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