Why Does Your Journal Say About You?


How much thought do you put into the selection of your journal? Searching through the clearance bins at the local big box bookstore I came across a wide variety of journals and notebooks. Everything from floral to a complex pattern of lines and shapes to maps for the traveling types to pages just for poets to journals with just a word or simple message printed on the front. Now, I’ve keep a journal of some kind since childhood, but I had never given much thought to what the cover of my journal says about me. Currently, I carry a small black moleskin for my personal thoughts, but there was a time (see below) when I carried something a little more decorated.

What does your journal look like and what does it say about you as a person and as a writer?


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  • i chose my date book/journal very carefully this year and ended up with moleskine's color a month journal. it's about the size of a passport and each day has its own page - enough room for listing appointments and daily observations. every month you start anew with a journal in a different color - perfect for curing boredom.

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