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Local writer, Tim Hall has made a career out of self-publishing and self-promoting. Through his imprint, Undie Press, he has released two novels (Half Empty and Full Of It), a collection of stories (Triumph of The Won’t), and multiple chapbooks. In talking with Tim over the last few months I could tell he wanted to do something different. He wanted to give up some of that responsibility and let someone else deal with the headaches of publishing. The press he found was Outsider Writer Press and his new collection, One Damn Thing After Another, is due out on Valentines Day.


I asked Tim to tell me a little about the collection and here is what he had to say. “One Damn Thing After Another is a collection of eight stories that largely explore what I consider to be the greatest health threat of our times: namely, the word-sickness in our society. Characters fend off psychotic emails, adopt covert online personas, and can learn “How To Be An Underground Lit Legend” with step-by-step instructions on how to use unsavory online tactics to increase one’s fame (and which caught the eye of a Kolkata editor, who is translating the piece into Bangladesh–apparently the sickness isn’t confined to the US).
I’ve even taken a shot at word-sick Ayn Rand devotees in a caustic piece called “Atlas Hugged,” where the protagonist is trying to sell magazine subscriptions for an Objectivist boss, with predictably hilarious results.”

The first printing of this collection is only 100 copies and he opened up preorders today. Anyone who orders a copy before the February 14th release date will receive a specially designated, signed limited edition which will include a corrected manuscript page tipped in, original artwork, and other goodies. For more on Tim Hall please visit he website.

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