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“When I die, the ground will be like, ‘Uh, seat’s taken bro” and I will go unburied.”


Yes, those are the words of Sam Pink from his debut collection I Am Going To Clone Myself Then Kill The Clone And Eat It (Paper Hero Press, 2008). Sam’s work is wildly unpredictable, child-like at times, but always raw and to the point. Why and I talking about Sam Pink, well he is involved in a reading tonight (Jan. 9th) that promises to be one of the more interesting events this month. Not just because of Sam, but when you add following Chicago writer’s Bobby Evers and Matt Whispers and Ohio writer’s Richard Wehrenberg Jr and Jordan Castro, you have a night filled with experimental lit. The night is the unofficial release party for Whisper’s Effigy Zine issue #6. 

I asked Matt about Effigy as a zine and he had this to say “Effigy is at heart a poetry zine, with ambitions for the personal and real-world. Because there’s some things we all share that we tend to keep buried in ourselves, that never get aired.” You can see issue five looked like here.

However, it may just be the Ohio pair that has the most say tonight. Wehrenberg and Castro recently self-released a chapbook of poetry together called Think Tank For Human Beings in General. The chap has received some very positive reviews and from what I have read present a very interesting look at everyday life. Here is a video of Richard watching a computer read poetry.


So if you are looking for some original poetry tonight head over to The Funhouse (1743 N. Mozart St.). Have a cup of coffee or tea, and enjoy the words of some promising young poets. There is a $3-5 suggested donation.

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