So You Think You Have Nerves of Steel?


Todd Dills and his crew at THE2NDHAND have pretty much redefined both on-line and print literature in Chicago. Whether through their 33 broadsheets that they have printed and distributed since their inception in 2000 or through the frequently updated on-line prose, the site consistently has put forth a quality product. It is only fitting that in a city filled reading series’ that THE2NDHAND has started a series of their own. What allows all of these events to co-exist are the differences that keep them fresh and unique. For this series, one featured writer a month riffs on the question in the reading’s title in whatever manner he or she deems appropriate. For tomorrow night’s reading at Quimby’s the title is so you think you have nerves of steel?.

The readers for this first event will be the hilarious and dry Jill Summers, the animated Chris Bower, and Amanda Marbais. It will be hosted by Harold Ray (aka ACM fiction editor and THE2NDHAND coeditor Jacob Knabb) You can find more information about the writers and the series here, and watch it in person this Friday at Quimby’s at 7pm.

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