Shepherd's Check


As I stood in a twenty-minute line at the post office last week to pick up a package that had cost over six dollars to send, I began to think about two things. First, the inflated price of postage, but more importantly how much I enjoy getting mail. From letters to magazines to chapbooks to cds, I never know what I might pull out of the old box. It seems the local nonprofit project Another New Calligraphy shares that excitement. Their latest effort, the fourth since the inception of the project, is a monthly microzine called Shepherd’s Check. In ANC’s words, “It is about simplicity, finely crafted language, and the creation/sharing of quiet soulbending truths”. The zine will be an accordion-fold symbol of smallness and simplicity. It’s arrival each month will prompt you to put down the HTC or the Palm Pixi and hold a finely crafted collection of thoughts in your hand for a while.

Remember how I mentioned the cost of postage, well keep that in mind when you consider that the twelve month subscription to Shepherd’s Check is only twelve dollars. So give a gift to yourself (or someone else), find a handmade, numbered microzine delivered over the course of a year to your mailbox, and help Another New Calligraphy usher in a year of smallness.


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  • Great to see you blogging here, Jason! Congrats! I'll miss Amy's wonderful posts but she couldn't have found a better replacement.

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