Literary Death Match Chicago Ep. 4


If you have ever met Todd Zuniga, Creator of Literary Death Match, there is no question why his events are so wildly successful. He is the editor of Opium Magazine, and a born entertainer. On January 14th he will bring his Literary Death Match format to Chicago for the fourth time and has assembled four fine groups to represent the city. You see the premise of the match is that four group, be it reading series, publisher, lit journal, compete for the crown of death match champion. This edition features a representative from Featherproof (James Kennedy), Artifice (Rebekah Silverman), Subito Press (Andy Farkas), and Davis Schneiderman. The readers face off and are judged by a panel of celebrity judges. This time around the judges are Kathleen Rooney (featured in Opium9), Girls Guide to Rocking scribe Jessica Hopper and Shawnimals genius Shawn Smith.

Besides it host, the best part of the Death Match is the final round where the two remaining authors battle in an event that has absolutely nothing to do with literature. At the match that I saw there was a long division contest, and another had monopoly money grab. Who knows what Zuniga has in store for Episode 4.

Literary Death Match Chicago Ep. 4 takes place upstairs at Fizz, 3220 North Lincoln Ave, on January 14th at 7:30. Admission is $10 (includes a free copy of Opium9, cover price of $12), and there is an afterparty to follow.

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