Criminal Class Review


” Uphold a full intake of scum, for the lack of a better term, in order to transcend the gap between song and story.”

That is the first sentence of the mission statement of The Criminal Class Press, a bi-annual journal based in three separate cities, but a with a heavy presence here in Chicago. They claim they are a journal for the “emotionally impaired, hard hearted, and vengeful-minded”, and for that matter they exist for a righteous purpose. Through three issues they have not only managed to uphold these principles, but also feature some talented Chicago writers. It may be do to the fact that many of their editors are based in Chicago, but it I believe it is because Chicago writers are just that honest and raw. You can check out samples of the review on their website.

Criminal Class Review is being featured at this months Orange Alert Reading Series this Sunday at The Whistler. The reading will feature M.L. Harrold, Brian Murphy, Marla Seidell and Kevin Whiteley, and begins at 6:00pm.

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