Barry Graham Coming to Quickies


The monthly reading series at Innertown Pub, Quickies, is among the finest and funniest in the city. Hosted by writers Mary Hamilton and Lindsey Hunter, the series always delivers a heavy dose of the cities finest in poetry and prose. This month is no exception as they bring Tim Jones-Yelvington, Robyn Pennacchyia, Jessi Lee Gaylord, Goldie Goldbloom, Byron Flitsch, Brandon Will, Elizabeth Ellen, and Barry Graham to the raucous stage tomorrow night.Not that each of these writers don’t deserve to be featured and discussed, but I was excited to see Barry Graham included in the line-up. Traveling in from Michigan, Barry is the editor of Dogzplot Literary zine, Achilles Chapbook Series, and Paper Hero Press. This past year he released his debut collection The National Virginity Pledge through Another Sky Press, a collection that is a finalist for the NGI Book Award in short story / fiction. Over the weekend I ask Barry his thoughts on Quickies as a series and on what 2010 may look like for him. “I really love Quickies. They’re all about brevity in length and supporting quality flash fiction. I’ve read in a lot of places in a lot of cities, and Quickies Chicago at the Innertown Pub is my hands down favorite. Mary and Lindsay are cool hosts, the readers are always great, the atmosphere at Innertown is always fun, and I get to catch up with all my Chicago partners in crime.” I also asked Barry about his the NGI Award and what being nominated meant to him, “Being a book award finalist is kind of a crazy thing. I mean, my primary goal in publishing is to get as many people to read my stuff as possible. And just knowing that someone read the collection and liked it is extremely satisfying for me.” 

Barry is planning for a big year from all of his outlets starting a full length flash fiction collection, Fox Force 5, featuring some amazing female writers; Andrea Kneeland, Brandi Wells, Elizabeth Ellen, Lydia Copeland, and Suzanne Burns. He will also be publishing a new chapbook from Chicago Ben Tanzer later this year. 
 So, check out Quickies tomorrow night, Jan. 12th at Innertown Pub, have a drink, hear some words, say hello to Barry and see if you can spot me in the crowd.

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