Witty Women Writers: Tonight!

I’ll be reading tonight at Witty Women Writers at The Book Cellar with
Stacy Ballis and Jen Lancaster at 7 p.m.. This is my second year in a
row to participate in Witty Women Writers, and I have to say, it’s one
fun reading event. Do come out and say hello if you can. Last year, I
read excerpts from my mortifyingly silly grade school diary. This year,
well, you’ll have to show up to find out. Maybe it the story of the I
saw Morrissey in a record store. Maybe it’s more pages from the
infamous diary of my early years. However! This event gets packed so
give a call and let ’em know you’ll be there. (773) 293-2665.

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  • What did you end up reading?

    Oh, and you for sure owe me some favorite guilty pleasure songs in my comments

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