National book month kicks off with anniversary of Golden Books (remember them?)


Today marks the first day of National Book Month, so it’s like kid-in-candy-store mode here at Subtext. Know what else it is, speaking of kids?

Not Chicago, but in nearby Wisconsin, the first twelve Golden Books were first introduced by Western Printing Company on this day in 1942. Remember Golden Books? Which was your favorite?

Which brings us to the question on my mind today:

What was your all-time favorite book as a child?


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  • Kudos to you to paying tribute to those childhood treasures...

    I remember Golden Books. They were what kids should be reading nowadays. Now...if only I could remember my favorite. :-( For some reason Fuzzy Duckling and Captain Kangaroo comes to mind.

    BTW I was partial to the Noddy books by Enid Blyton and the illustrated stories of Beatrix Potter...

  • OK...NOW I remember.

    Tom Terrific and Mighty Manfred the Wonder Dog. Yeah, it was a 'Wonder Book'--an imitation of Golden Books, but when you're four, you don't think about those things. As fate would have it, I met Gene Deitch, Tom's creator, in Prague when I went to live there in 1993. (Gene had moved to Czechoslovakia and married a the head of Barrandov Animation Studios years before, wouldntcha know.) Hanging out with Gene at his cottage in the Czech countryside, how was it I didn't realize he'd drawn the adventures of my childhood hero? Ah, how cruel are the gods...

    See what you started? Nostalgia is a right powerful thang.

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