Uncomfortable literary plot summaries

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Monkey Muck, a blog I’ve followed for quite a long time now, wrote this hilarious post of uncomfortable literary plot summaries.

I particularly like, “The Razor’s Edge: Upper class British twit gets sick of drinking and partying and discovers Buddhism” and “The World According to Garp: Wrestling obsessed writer with a one-eyed son befriends transsexual and together they destroy a women’s support group.”

Surely, readers dear, we can come up with a few uncomfortable literary plot summaries of our own for Chicago-based books and book by Chicago authors, no? Let’s hear it. Do your worst!


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  • Hmm, does it have to be a true literary work? How about something that sold as chick-lit/humor and is really crap in a package? Here goes: Jen Lancaster's Bright Lights, Big Ass: Chicago resident whines about Bravo's programming, people who ignore her shoes, and her failed attempts to lose weight. Upon seeing two typical teenage girls during a nighttime errand, Lancaster freaks out and leaves the windy city for the 'burbs.

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