The meeting of books and decor


Walk into the home of a reader or writer and you’ll know it right away. Our books aren’t exactly an afterthought. Personally, I have books on my nightstand, books on my living room shelves, books in my home office, books on kitchen shelves and books lining the dining room buffet cabinet. Do I decorate with books in mind? Not consciously, but reading and writing are both such a part of me that surely I can’t help but filter my life through that context on some level.
Apartment Therapy has caught wind of this thought, too, with their Writers’ Sheds photo gallery, and historic American writers gallery
which displays the workspaces of writers, to some of their memorable
featured spaces including various Chicago writers such a
recently-former Chicagoan, Elizabeth Crane.

On that thought, there is the book American Writers at Home,
a book which documents and explores how physical space influences our
work, with a few nods to Chicago and Oak Park writers inside.

HTML Giant posted A Book Lover’s Guide to IKEA seating which pairs up books and genres with just the right piece of IKEA furniture.

But, if you dig the look of homes of readers and writers and haven’t
the time or inclination to build a library of your own, there is BookDecor,
a home decor company specializing in faux and pre-assembled home
libraries for design purposes including “sun-bleached” for the look of
wear, and other touches on the available custom libraries.

On the other side of things, if you have a lot of books and perhaps a few titles you’d rather not own, they can always be re-purposed in, say, a lamp, or quite a table.

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  • Being the book lover that I am, I too have books everywhere. Whenever I redo a room or move to a new home, one of my first thoughts is "Where will all the books go?" I moved last year and didn't have anywhere to put my beloved books until shelves were built. In my house, projects like that take time, because my husband and I do these things ourselves. So time marched on and I just couldn't get comfortable in our new home. At long last the shelves were built and the books unpacked. It was so amazing that this one little thing could make me feel so much better about where I live. My books finally had a home and so did I. I suppose some might suggest that I need a mental health evaluation. No one but another book lover would understand this need to be surrounded by books. Perhaps I should look into re-purposing some of them. I could always use another table to put more books on!

  • Oh wow...I want that table. And you are absolutely right. I have tons of books and they are beginning to overflow.

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