Oprah, Chicago readers think you'll never read this book

Oprah is filming on Michigan Avenue today. On the street below, people are gathering to watch, a few clutching copies of books about Oprah, by Oprah and books I recognized as titles from her book club, in hopes, I presume, of stealing a moment with her to ask for her autograph.


Can you imagine being asked to sign another person’s work simply because you endorsed it? Not I, said the fly. But let’s not kid ourselves, like it or not, Oprah moves books in a serious way.

On the website for her book club, fans are anticipating the announcement of her next book selection on September 18th by guessing which book she has chosen. But, you know me, I would rather know this:

What book would Oprah never, ever pick as a book club selection? Why?


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  • Happy Hour of the Damned or Road Trip of the Living Dead by Mark Henry. It is irreverent, bawdy, satirical of socialite lifestyles and downright gross in spots. She may have put Pride Prejudice and Zombies on the summer reading list, but I think this is just a rare instance of her conforming to what the trends are buying.

  • This Land is Their Land by Barbara Erenreich. If more than just comfortable intellectuals ever picked up this book, there would be hell to pay.

  • Lies My Mother Never Told Me by Kaylie Jones. Tells the tragic truth about Nelson Algren and other famous writers who succumbed to alcoholism. Plus, the stories her mom told are NSFW -- hilarious, profane, and definitely not ready for primetime. Or daytime.

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