New favorite website alert: Bookfail!

Bookfail is exactly what it sounds like, and includes such books as The History of Lesbian Hair, How to Date White Women: A Practical Guide for Asian Men, and, I kid you not, Knitting with Dog Hair: Better a Sweater From a Dog You Know and Love Then From A Sheep You’ll Never Meet (complete with a front-cover note “stop vacuuming and start knitting!” Bleh.).

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  • Amy, I'm always impressed by a writer who uses the word 'Bleh' with such aplomb. Which you most certainly do.

    We need more books like the ones you listed, as you're performing a valuable social service.

    Think of all those knitters who've knitted themselves into a knot. The dog hair modality gives them a chance to continue improving their skills, and keeps them off the streets where they might vent their frustration in dangerous ways.

    Ditto for Asian men. Not ever having been Asian, I can't say as I emphathize. Then again, if there are any good tips in that book, I could be 'Asian For A Day' (after all, I do like Thai and Sushi, and I've even eaten kimchee, though just once and I didn't inhale), just to test out their validity.

    The History of Lesbian Hair is a seminal tome for those who wish to examine the impact of peripheral events on world affairs. Who woulda thunk that The Russian Revolution was the indirect result of Lenin's fascination with Sapphic hirsuteness? Not I. But this well-researched and deftly written volume opened my eyes to this and other facts one needs to know, especially if trying to break the ice at cocktail parties with university graduates.

    Keep up the great work!

  • In reply to DaveMorris:

    Don't say "seminal" when referring to lesbians. They hate that.

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