Take a look, it's in a book, but not with 'Reading Rainbow'

Reading Rainbow, ladies and gents, has closed up shop. The popular kid’s book show comes to the end of its 26-year story today after achieving status of the longest-running children’s show in PBS history after only Mister Rogers and Sesame Street.

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  • Oh, how I hate to hear this. I can't tell you how many hours I spent with my children watching LaVar Burton on "Reading Rainbow". My children are adults now, but every now and then, in the early morning hours, when the house would be quiet, I would sneak a peek at Reading Rainbow. So sad!

  • did you see the explanation abt how directing funds to helping kids love books is now considered less critical than directing funds to phonics and spelling? very depressing.

  • Gathered Twitter reaction to the show's ending: http://www.breakingtweets.com/entertainment/2009/08/28/reading-rainbow-airs-final-show/

    Most people are bummed.

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