Literary Tattoos: Call for Submissions


Remember last week when we talked about literary tattoos and I shared the story behind my own very typewriter tattoo? Of course you do. Just because we’ve covered Printers’ Ball via a series of videos and tried desperately to not talk about the Kindle doesn’t mean anyone has forgotten the literary tattoo conversation. So on that note, Justin Taylor and Eva Talmadge of HtmlGiant have decided to bring stray tattooed words back to the page in book form and have put out a call for submissions of high-resolution images of literary tattoos for said forthcoming book.
The submission call says:

…all images must include the name
(or pseudonym) of the tattoo bearer, city and state or country, and a
transcription of the text itself, along with its source. For portraits
or illustrations, please include the name of the author or book on
which it’s based. We’d also like to read a few words about the tattoo’s
meaning to you — why you chose it, when you first read that poem or
book, or how its meaning has evolved over time. How much (or how
little) you choose to say about your tattoo is up to you, but a
paragraph or two should do the trick.

Please send clear digital images of the highest print quality possible to

(The LA Times books blog, Jacket Copy, read my mind when encouraging participants of Shelley Jackson’s Skin— a novel written entirely in tattoos on various people– to enter their ink for the project. One can only hope. I mean really.)

As the Chicago Literary Exminer’s Robert Duffer and I were wondering in a recent conversation (and as I’m sure ChicagoNow’s L-Word blogger, Trish Bendix is also wondering): Do typewriters count?

I’m about to find out.

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