Five books about Ted Kennedy


Ted Kennedy: The Dream That Never Died
by Edward Klein

“…Ted Kennedy’s expressions of empathy with the underdog were more than empty platitudes; his ability to understand and share the feelings of others was woven into the narrative of his life.”

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The Senator: My Ten Years with Ted Kennedy
by Richard E. Burke, Marilyn Hoffer, William Hoffer

“…It was from fifteen-year-old John F. Kennedy, asking his mother Rose, “Can I be godfather for the baby?” The baby was the Senator, known to his family not as Ted, but as Eddie.”


Edward M. Kennedy: A Biography
by Adam Clymer

“Two of the group, Senator Edward M. Kennedy and his brother-in-law Stephen Smith, had been next door at Robert F. Kennedy’s house twenty-three years before when john F. Kennedy’s decision to run had been settled. They had been the youngest of the sixteen men who had been there that day.”


The Kennedy Men: Three Generations of Sex, Scandal and Secrets
by Nellie Bl

“I agreed to take it because my Uncle ted told me to get my act together or I’d wind up in an institution for the rest of my life like my cousin Rosemary.”


Last Lion: The Rise and Fall of Ted Kennedy
by Peter S. Canellos

“On February 22, 1932– the 200th anniversary of George Washington’s birth– Joe and Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy’s ninth offspring, Edward Moore Kennedy, was born at St. Margaret’s Hospital in Dorchester, Massachusetts. It could have been an omen. The proud father, who already had dreams of a Kennedy becoming the first Catholic president, often pointed out the felicitous date to others.”


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  • Better yet: "The Kennedy Imprisonment," Garry Wills.

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    Ah, good pick. Thanks, Whet.

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