Book sewing for the artfully inclined

Book sewing! Can you even imagine the effort that went into this?

Book from Christopher Galasso on Vimeo.

If Christopher Galasso wants to stop by, I’d love to know how he did this.

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  • Hi,
    So it's late and I'm putting off real work in order to do things like googling my own name and I came across this video cross-posted on a few different sites. This video was an assignment for one of my film classes my sophomore year at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. We had to, perhaps obviously, devise a clever way to turn the pages of a book and film it. I sketched out the images lightly in pencil first and covered the backs of each page with clear packing tape to reinforce the paper. Then I just used an ordinary needle and thread and went over the pencil lines. In retrospect, I would have made some better color choices for the thread, but you can see the images a little more clear in the full video on Vimeo. Overall, the process took me about 12 hours to do (and this was the 2nd assignment of the semester, haha)
    I still have the book (it's a medical encyclopedia that was my mother's before she passed away) with all of the thread still in it. I'm hoping that maybe when I'm rich and famous one day, I'll be able to sell it on ebay at an astronomical price. ;) Just kidding. But seriously, ha.
    Anyhow, thank you so much for posting this and giving the video a whole new life outside of where I've already shown it. Propagation is wholly appreciated and encouraged.

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