Robert McNamara's Written Legacy


Former Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara died this morning at 93. McNamara served as Secretary of Defense during the Vietnam War, wrote In Retrospect, his 1995 memoir, and was the subsequent theme-subject of the Errol Morris documentary, Fog of War.

Admittedly, I couldn’t help but be terribly interested in the issues and ideas raised in the post written by Carolyn Kellogg, “Robert McNamara dies: Will books shape his legacy?“  on the LA Times Books blog today.

post raises the long-discussed issue of how history is tinted and
shaped via those recounting it, and closes with the question: “Or will
McNamara have a voice in his own place in history?”

McNamara’s book, In Retrospect, is available from Chicagoland independent booksellers via IndieBound.

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