Rejection Letters on Display


Rejection letter recipients of Chicagoland, rejoice! As if this past weekend’s rejection letter shred-and-catapult wasn’t fun enough, now, truly absurd rejection letters can be cause
for online publication on a blog-gem I stumbled across recently called
Literary Rejects on Display.

I’ll let the blog speak for itself, but I would like to point to a
few posts bearing a particular level of snicker-worthy greatness

More Lesbian Sex, Please (Less Story)

Your Entire Gender Is Unprofitable

Your Work is Gross or Disgusting In Nature

and “It’s Not Us, It’s You

blog also includes an archived post concerning how to rate your own
literary performance
, as explained via “the progression you make,
without stress, without writer’s block, without angst”, which– okay,
I’ll admit it– I geek out on things which resemble an even
quasi-scientific formulation, so I thought this was rather cool. If
nothing else, taking inner-inventory may be just the call to
(writerly) arms some may need.

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