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Awful Library Books is a light-hearted blog chronicling exactly what the name implies– hilariously awful titles found in public libraries.
My personal favorite entry is “Parents are, like, sooo lame!
which discusses a 1959 teenager’s field guide for navigating life and
includes such topics as “What Ever Made Me Say Such Things?” and “The
Unmentionable Topic” among others, although the post devoted to Dee Snider’s Teenage Survival Guide is a close second.

The Michigan-based librarians behind the blog will be in our fair city of Chicago next week for the Annual American Library Association Conference. Unfortunately, they will not be discussing awful library books, but they will be speaking on two panels which both sound excellent.

UPDATE: Chicago Subtext will be at the ALA Conference, July 9-15, covering said excellent panels and events.


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  • what are the panels?

  • The panels are: "Thingamabobs and Doodads: Why Tech Support IS Reference" and "Not Just for Kids: Promoting Library Services Through Adult Summer Reading Programs".

    I'm looking forward to covering both of these, especially the Tech Support panel. I think that's one will be great and right up my geeky alley.

  • Best. Cover. Ever.

  • That cover is just so wrong! I remember books like that still in my local Queens library in the early 80s. (Back before the "you couldn't pay me to move back to NYC"-itis comfortably set it.)

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