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A few items of literary interest have surfaced on Digg recently, which I thought I would pass along:

Lydia Netzer, Norfolk’s Literary Examiner to our own Literary Examiner, Robert Duffer, compiled the ten words to make us sound intelligent in a book discussion, should we find ourselves at a loss. (Not that we would, but I thought I’d supply the list just in case. Ahem.)

AlphaDictionary has just released Robert Beard’s list of the one hundred most beautiful words in the English language. Ebullient. Ingenue. Summmptousss. The list is a follow-up to their list of one hundred funniest words in the English language, which now is available in print almost exclusively.

Holy Taco made a funny-ha-ha photo-list (I love photo-lists!) of what the book you may be reading (or, perhaps more accurately, the book you perhaps read last year) says about you. And speaking of photo-lists, a while back, SloshSpot offered up a list of Mark Twain motivational posters. I particularly enjoy the advice on verbalization…

And in Japan, where ghosts are said to hide in the lavatory, a horror story is being printed on toilet tissue. The story, Drop (by Koji Suzuki, author of Ring), is set in a public restroom, takes approximately three feet of T.P.-real estate and can be read in mere minutes, says the manufacturer, Hayashi Paper. (Let’s steer clear of the, ahem, used copies of that story, shall we?)

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