Blogger Arrested On Threats to Chicago Judges


Arrested bloggers are really far more Joe the Cop’s realm than mine– and I’m sure he’ll weigh in on this issue at some point, as I’m sure Bar Tender will as well– but the blogosphere is the blogosphere, and when something is going on with a blogger, the rest of us, regardless of our blog’s particilar slant, tend to notice. Especially when that blogger is a white supremacist.

Hal Turner, an
extremist online radio host and blogger, (Admittedly, I don’t like to
link to Wikipedia pages, but in this case, while I recognize Turner’s
right to express his views, however they may differ from my own, I am
not about to link to his site directly, thanks), was arrested today on charges he threatened to murder three federal judges in Chicago, Chicago Tribune reports, after they ruled to uphold handgun bans recently.

Turner’s web site included photos of the judges and addresses for them,
with delightful commentary from him such as: “Let me be the first to say this plainly;
These judges deserve to be killed.”

Let’s hope he doesn’t claim his blog to be creative non-fiction.
Something tells me he won’t be granted much slack in the way of poetic

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