HarperCollins' BookArmy Social Network and Recommendation Engine

You know me, always on the lookout for useful book websites. A few weeks ago, LifeHacker pointed to a site, BookArmy by HarperCollins, and I thought I’d share.

With the goal that we’ll “never read a bad book again”, BookArmy offers reader-submitted reviews, virtual bookshelf sharing, and a social network of fellow readers.

has something to offer avid readers, whether or not they sign up for an
account. Without an account, you can still browse book reviews, look at
author pages and videos, and read over the group and author-led
discussions. With an account, you can create a virtual bookshelf of
your favorite books, write and share your reviews, and participate in
the group discussions and events. If the suggestion services don’t
produce anything intriguing, you can browse books by the network’s most
read, most popular, and by author.

For more book recommendations, albeit without the social component, make sure to check out What Should I Read Next?, Book Lamp, and WhichBook to get your fill of reading suggestions.

Read original LifeHacker post here. And, by all means, shoot me a friend request here.

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