White Sox Attendance is Pathetic; Hilarious Twitter Pics Galore!

White Sox Attendance is Pathetic; Hilarious Twitter Pics Galore!

Chicago White Sox attendance has been a problem for many, many years. Like most sports franchises, they only draw when they win. Unlike the Cubs, who have attendance figures that largely transcend wins and losses. (Of course, even that is starting to change, as Theo Epstein is selling blind faith and really forward looking hope, nothing else to his base in 2014)

There have been no green shoots of growth for the Cubs yet, and Theo will be on the hot seat if he can’t show us anything tangible in the next year or so.

The White Sox are always the red-headed step-child of Chicago sports. Even winning the World Series, the first Series winner for Chicago in almost a century, has not changed that inconvenient truth.

The popularity of Major League Baseball itself is in rapid decline, as a recent survey indicated that Major League Soccer is just as popular with American youths as baseball. You obviously know that MLS isn’t exactly the NFL when it comes to fanbase size.

Baseball has stone age policies in place regarding internet media, on all sides, with the White Sox being much worse than other clubs when it comes to this. I’ve been pointing this out since 2011, and now you can see it finally catching up to them at the gate. Baseball moves too slow for the Twitter era of modern life, and MLB has done nothing to even try and catch up. Fans will still keep attending games of the bigger brands (Cubs, Dodgers, Yankees, Red Sox etc.), but White Sox attendance, Tampa Bay Rays attendance, Astros attendance, other overlooked “niche” franchises are really starting to feel the hit now.

And the last two days are a perfect example of this. If you want to know why I stopped writing about the White Sox awhile ago…see today’s and yesterday’s attendance. I get similar online “attendance” for my Sox content. I’ve spoken with numerous webmasters who work for the biggest news websites in the city. They all experience the same thing:

online interest for White Sox content matches White Sox attendance. Terrible!

Yesterday’s White Sox attendance figure was 10,625. That’s true, if you use the DePaul basketball style accounting for attendance numbers. Actual people walking through the gate at The Cell was in the hundreds. Every media member there said it was well under 1,800; with estimates as low as 4-500.


Still Funny: “look at how empty the stadium I’m currently in is” Twitpics from sports journalists.

Played Out: sportswriters doing the  “my view from the office today” Twitpic routine.

So that was yesterday, when the cold accounted for the horrible White Sox attendance. But what accounts for the “really-horrible-even-by-women’s-basketball, which-really-says-something-because-NO-ONE-CARES-about-women’s-basketball” White Sox attendance?

If you thought yesterday was bad. Today is even worse. Yes, it’s cold again and this time it’s raining. Of course, terrible weather doesn’t stop Chicago Bears fans from coming to the games. Yes, there’s only 8 of those, unlike baseball where there’s 81, but you must remember:

Bears fans don’t just brave the weather for the game. They get there many hours before and stay there many hours later…..all outside! In much colder temperatures than this!

I now turn it over to RedEye’s Matt Lindner




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