Joakim Noah articulates winning the NBA Defensive Award in French

Joakim Noah articulates winning the NBA Defensive Award in French

Bulls Center Joakim Noah has come a very long way since NBA Draft night 2007. Who would have thought the loud guy in the louder almost cartoon like suit and bow tie would one day develop into a star, some would say superstar. If you knew where to bet on what Noah would accomplish one day, the NBA betting sites would have been more than happy to take your money. As of today, he now has two All-Star appearances and today added an NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award to his credit.

Joakin Noah was presented the award at a press conference in the Grand Ballroom of Marriott Resort Lincolnshire. Noah’s parents, former tennis legend and French pop music star Yannick Noah and former Swedish runway model Cecilia Rodhe, were on hand with other friends and family.

“all the beautiful little hippies,” Joakim Noah said of his sisters who made the trip to the north Chicago suburbs.

Noah the Younger and his mother moved from France to New York City when he was 13; after Rodhe and Noah the Elder were divorced.  As such Joakim Noah is bilingual. You know he’s a great soundbite. He didn’t disappoint today, here’s the best of what he had to say today in English.

One member of the media serving the French market asked Joakim Noah, “you’ve expressed what this award means to you in English, tell us in French for the French media.” So while recording the presser today, I made sure to put Noah’s response into it’s own separate audio file. And I uploaded the podcast to my Sound Cloud profile. Listen to it below. I have no idea what Joakim Noah is saying, care to translate for me?

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