2013 Big Ten Basketball Media Day Helps Me Through Football Season

2013 Big Ten Basketball Media Day Helps Me Through Football Season

Big Ten Basketball Media Day is literally just hours away now. THANK GOD. It helps me. This idea gets me through football season. Big Ten Basketball Media Day helps me, by acting as a healing mechanism. It’s unofficially opening day, signaling hope anew; and rescue from the despair of football season.

Big Ten basketball season cannot get here fast enough. Especially for someone like me, who covers two college football teams, Northwestern and Illinois who are #10 and #11 in everybody’s conference power rankings. Then again college basketball season is always something that never gets here soon enough for me. I prefer college hoops over college football. And I should; I attended two college hoops power houses (University of Illinois ’99, Michigan State MBA). College basketball, not the NBA or NFL or college football “is my bag baby.”

I love college hoops as much as I despise Facebook Fan pages. I like to watch college basketball as much as I like to ignore invitations to “Like” Facebook Fan Pages. I enjoy watching March Madness as much as I enjoy never clicking on mommy-blogs. (Seriously, is the mommy-blogger craze over yet??)

The two times I went on spring break in college I don’t recall anything about the partying I did in Cancun or Key West, but I can tell you the exact score of the 2001 Michigan State versus Penn State Big Ten Tournament game. I don’t remember the names of any of the girls I hooked up with on spring break, whether they were hot or ugly or mediocre. Or even if they were any good in bed. They probably were as refined and classy as the lovely young lady pictured below I’m sure.


But I vividly remember the Maryland vs Duke ACC Quarterfinal game that went into double-overtime.

The point is, even paying hundreds of dollars to go escape the winter chill and enjoy the alcohol and sunshine; I was still more into watching college basketball.

If March “comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb” then college hoops “comes in with crickets chirping and leaves with a nation obsessed and desperately wanting more.”

It’s perfect that the only month with a well known cliche is the banner month for college hoops. It’s a very unique sport in the fact that no one outside of the states of Kentucky, Indiana and North Carolina cares about it when it commences in October (too many sports, especially football going on now). Yet everyone is fixated on it for one month of the year, when it ends.


Well, I’m different.

I’m a college basketball nerd, year round. And I will of course, be there, bright and early tomorrow.

The Big Ten Conference has announced its coverage plans for 2013 Basketball Media Day, to be held on Thursday, Oct. 31.

For the first time, BTN and BTN2Go will provide live coverage of the men’s coaches’ press conferences, while both the men’s and women’s coaches’ press conferences will be streamed live, free of charge, on BTN.com via the Big Ten Digital Network (BTDN).

Transcripts of each press conference will once again be made available on site and on www.bigten.org.

The official hash tag for the event is #B1GMediaDay. I really wish the Big Ten Network would shift into basketball mode much much earlier than they do. BTN stays into football mode as long as possible, and doesn’t shift until mid-January. I get why they do it’ it makes perfect business sense. But again, I make my shift to hoops mode in November, sometimes October.


Happy Halloween! So let’s get this party started, here are my Big Ten basketball power rankings, and here’s the link to my conference season preview

And here are the season previews for the two local teams:

#50 Illinois

#75 Northwestern

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