CSN fires Susannah Collins, I call B.S!!!

CSN fires Susannah Collins, I call B.S!!!

Update: Susannah lands a new gig

It was likely pressure from the Chicago Blackhawks organization itself and not CSN that led to Susannah Collins being dismissed from Comcast SportsNet Chicago.

Obviously, this is a severe over-reaction by the team in response to her simple “flub” Tuesday.

As you obviously know, Susannah Collins made pretty much every homepage you can think of between Tuesday night and Wednesday afternoon: AOL, Yahoo!, Yardbarker (twice actually, the second time was for her interview of Danica Patrick during Shoot-the-Puck) and every online news agency: E! News, Huffington Post, NESN, well, whatever you get the idea.

Collins inadvertently said that the Blackhawks had a “tremendous amount of sex during the regular season.” She meant to say “success.” She made a mistake, she corrected herself right away. And she moved on. She took it, and all the publicity that came later, like a champ.

Her Twitter stream that night conveyed that she’s a professional, and that she has a sense of humor about herself. (Obviously, she’s been silent there since May 1)

The Blackhawks probably started watching Collins very closely and scrutinizing her work after she tweeted the following on March 10th following a 4 goal first period by Edmonton…


As my “Deep Throat” source pointed out, this tweet probably put her on the Hawks management radar. Yes, the Hawks would have issue with this. Despite the fact that it’s pretty light, and barely critical. That’s how they roll, no negativity is allowed.

Ok, back to my harangue.

CSN released a statement, but it’s boring and doesn’t say anything; exactly like all statements regarding this sort of thing always do! I won’t even bother copying and pasting the statement, because it’s just banal corporatespeak and platitudes.

That’s fine.

CSN doesn’t want to comment further, and they probably don’t want people like me writing about this. They likely don’t want any extra attention on this. Well, too bad.

Because I hope half the city reads this. And if they don’t read me, that’s fine. But I hope half the city reads somebody who publishes a message similar to what I have to say.

The Network claims Susannah Collins wasn’t canned because of all the attention she got over her “sex” sentence.


Good, I really hope that wasn’t grounds for dismissal. Because that would be really stupid.

Here’s what they claim as their reason. quoting the Tribune:

the mistake put a spotlight on Collins, and that quickly refocused attention on a series of  raunchy YouTube videos uploaded between 2009 and 2010.  As co-host of Sports Nutz, Collins pushed the boundaries of sports journalism; and good taste; with sexually explicit reports and potentially offensive racial stereotypes.

I had an exclusive with Susannah Collins exactly one month ago.

In that exclusive she said:

Well, a friend of a friend was starting a new web series called Sports Nutz which basically entailed me and another girl giving snarky sports commentary. I was making no money at all, but was happier than I had been in ages, so I kept with it. In our second season, we did an episode called “Douchebag Nation” (no joke) about belligerent college basketball fans. Deadspin picked up the video, it went viral, and the Executive Producer of Inside the NFL just happened to see it. He called me in for an interview with Showtime Sports/CBS Sports and I landed the gig.

So Comcast knew about these videos all along?

BUT NOW it’s an issue? All of a sudden?

These videos were not only kosher with Showtime and CBS Sports, they actually helped her GET DISCOVERED!

But now they’re too racy for Comcast? Or should I say for the Blackhawks? Because we all know about the Blackhawks and the CSN ownership structure, and how that arrangement can instigate all sorts of conflicts of interest.

To quote William Costigan Jr. (Dicaprio’s character) in The Departed: “maybe you should ask some questions? Some real questions?”

I don’t think Comcast is as much to blame here.I think it’s the Blackhawks.

Ever since John McDonough took over the Hawks, he’s been all about message control and brand management. Josh Mora was fired (excuse me, did not have his contract renewed) because he reported something that the Blackhawks didn’t like him reporting. Mora reported that the Blackhawks knew Marian Hossa was injured BEFORE they signed him. He also reported the firing of Dale Tallon. John McDondough and his little lickspittle Jay Blunk just would not have any of that. Even though Mora was only doing his job.

Look at it this way. There’s been a fair amount of turnover at the position of CSN Blackhawks beat reporter within just a couple years. Josh Mora. Sarah Kustok. Susannah Collins. Now whoever replaces Susannah Collins. That’s four in four years. This is getting to sound like Chicago Bears QBs in the 1990s or 2000s.

Why so much turnover? Are the Blackhawks that obsessed with controlling the message that they must have someone in there who’s in total compliance at all times?

I mean these are questions, right?

Today’s news cycle moves like this:

Somebody does something on television. There’s a million people sitting at home with nothing to do. However, they’ve got a blog, a flipshare, and a DVR. So they post what just happened within 20-30 minutes. Within 4-5 hours it gets picked up by somebody with influence. Within 12-14 hours, it’s EVERYWHERE. Within 24 hours, the interest dwindles. Within 36 hours NO ONE CARES anymore.

Or as Jay Cutler would say: “DON’T CARE!!!!!!!”

“They’ve moved on to the next flow” as Eminem said in Lose Yourself.

So to fire Susannah Collins over simply misspeaking, is just not right.

And to fire her over something that happened years ago, something that they were well aware of for a long time already? I have to call that out. That’s total b.s!

The finger prints of John McDonough, and/or Jay Blunk, the Waylon Smithers to McDonough’s Monty Burns are all over this decision.

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