Kendall Gill NOT Likely returning to Comcast SportsNet

Kendall Gill NOT Likely returning to Comcast SportsNet

You won’t see Kendall Gill back on Comcast SportsNet Chicago any time soon. Most likely, you’ll never see him again on CSN. We don’t have an official statement yet from Comcast VP Phil Bedella, or anyone else at the station of similar rank, but the handwriting is certainly on the wall.

The talk among media circles is that Gill has lost that job; exactly like we thought he would.

However, you can still see his work on a national stage via NBA TV.

Kendall Gill did an exclusive with ESPN 1000′s Waddle and Silvy a week ago. (He comes on around the 1:30ish mark here). This was the first time Kendall Gill talked publicly since he punched Tim Doyle in the face in mid March.

Kendall didn’t say much about the Tim Doyle incident. For obvious reasons.

Not many details are known about the event which occurred after Kendall Gill, Big Ten Network analyst Tim Doyle and Crain’s Danny Ecker appeared as panelists on CSN’s “Sun Times Live.” Actually, the show is called “Sports Talk Live.” It’s just that the regular panel of guests made me believe it was in fact called “Sun Times Live.”

Kendall Gill expressed regret for his actions that fateful night, and gratitude for those who supported him on the WMVP airwaves. He mentioned that being a boxer he doesn’t “bum rush” anybody. He keeps his physical aggression in the gymnasium. He won’t punch you unless you really do something to provoke him.

Like WMVP co-host Tom Waddle said after Gill’s interview was over, it’s hard to remain employed somewhere when you’ve punched another media member. As much as Illini fans everywhere would love to see Kendall Gill return to the Chicago airwaves, the former Chicago Bears wide receiver is just telling it like it is.

You’ll probably see former member of New Edition Johnny Gill on CSN before you see Kendall Gill. Obviously his actions “rubbed the wrong way.”

So what instigates a man to risk losing his job, his juice, his livelihood just to hit another man? Especially a man who possesses self-discipline in regards to fighting?

I’ve heard rumors it was racial.

I’ve heard rumors it stemmed from an old beef that went back many years.

Both of these explanations could be credible.

Or one.

Or none.

At this point we don’t have all the facts. To quote Johnny Gill: “I’m still waiting.”


We don’t know when official word will come from CSN. Gill was only the Bulls Analyst. He was suspended for the remainder of the Bulls season; which ended Wednesday night. However, the NBA Draft is coming up next month, will we see him then?

Likely not.

If Kendall Gill is indeed dismissed, which is the current consensus in this town, then we’d have two University of Illinois alums removed from CSN Chicago airwaves within weeks of each other. It’s just coincidence regarding Susannah Collins and Kendall Gill; both Illini. Both heroes of Illini Nation. Both heroes in Chicago.

With the two Illinois alums being jettisoned so close to each other, one asks if CSN is being run by die-hard Minnesota Golden Gophers basketball fans?

Certainly not, because two instances is coincidence. Three times is a trend.

Go with God Kendall Gill.

We will miss you.

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