Top 10 Chicago Sports Media Interviews

Top 10 Chicago Sports Media Interviews

We’re close to the one year anniversary of Chicago Sports Media Watch. The inaugural post went live on April 20th, 2012 (yeah, 4-20 man! for all you stoners out there) To celebrate, I’m posting links to the top ten media interviews I conducted for this website. All media interviews are exclusives, because exclusive is how I roll.

Ok, not really. I actually enjoy eating spray cheese and my all-time favorite movie Team America: World Police is filled with extremely low-brow humor. But the fact still holds, these media interviews were one-on-one Q&A.

The interview subjects of the past year who didn’t retweet me, after I nicely asked them to do so, were automatically eliminated from top ten consideration. But “Hey, thanks for coming!!!!”

Stay tuned to CSMW this week as I will have exclusives with University of Illinois Athletic Director Mike Thomas and WFLD FOX Reporter Dionne Miller posted in the next couple days.

The order below is totally random; these media interviews are not ranked by importance or page views or social media response. They are just the ten I enjoyed the most. (side note: here’s my top ten media criticisms of the past year)

My original vision for this website was to 1.) pick up where the Chicago Tribune Sports’ “Inside Media” written by Teddy Greenstein and Ed Sherman left off, and update it for the social media world that didn’t exist when that column was around and 2.) infuse it with a Deadspin, The Big Lead style of irreverence.

If you feel I’ve been true to that vision, I appreciate that. I am gracious for your words. If you feel Chicago Sports Media Watch is nothing like what I just described than I need to say: “hey, thanks for coming!”

The debut post was an interview of Chicago Tribune college football scribe and Northwestern reporter Teddy Greenstein. You hear him a lot on Mac and Spiegs, and see him on BTN a lot too

The next interview was Greenstein’s former tag team partner,Ed Sherman, who runs The Sherman Report,one of the best national sports media blogs you’ll ever find. He breaks a lot of stuff first

Danica Patrick’s “homecoming race” at Chicagoland Speedway got linked on her official page and accrued 2,200 Facebook “Likes.” A personal record I probably won’t touch any time soon. One of the highest traffic posts on Chicago Now this past year, Danica is to generating page views what Russell Crowe is to HORRIBLE singing.

jaclyn roney

Miss NASCAR Sprint Cup Jaclyn Roney isn’t a household name, but did I mention she’s a Miss NASCAR Sprint Cup! So of course this media interviews was a video. Her profile picture in the post is nice too.

Comcast SportsNet anchor/reporter Susannah Collins might have given me the best/liveliest answers of anyone. It could be U of I bias talking, as we’re both alums. But we also discussed timely and fun subject matter: ripping Jim Belushi, praising Mr. T, Blackhawks, the Illini etc. Made  for good times.


Author Michael Lenehan penned a moving and important book, Ramblers: Loyola Chicago 1963—The Team that Changed the Color of College Basketball. Ramblers is the dramatic, deeply engrossing, and meticulously researched story behind the 1963 NCAA basketball tournament, which featured seven African-American starters in the championship game. Lenehan and I talked about how far we’ve come, but how far we’ve yet to go.

ESPN 1000 WMVP Co-host Marc Silverman has perhaps the best “breaking into the business” story I’ve ever heard. You got to read about how Michael Jordan, the Bulls, timing, hard work, perseverance and luck all came together.

Michigan State coach Tom Izzo had a lot to say about social media during our sit down at Big Ten media day. If you want to know about the double edged sword that is Twitter, listen to H to the Izzo’s advice.

Former Kentucky and Minnesota Golden Gophers coach Tubby Smith also had a lot of sage advice about social media, new media and old media. It’s true: “garbage in, garbage out…and if you associate with that group, pretty soon, you’re going to be that group.”

Tina Akouris of the Sun-Times media group witnessed the Lehigh upset of Duke in the NCAA Tournament from press row. Given how many of us hate Duke, we all wish we had a courtside seat for that one. She also really knows her auto racing, both NASCAR and IRL.

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