Reader Mail: NBC 5 Hotties and Cubs-Red Sox Nation Comparisons

Reader Mail: NBC 5 Hotties and Cubs-Red Sox Nation Comparisons

I rarely run “letters to the editor.”

Mostly because I get more “comments” than I do email. And most of it usually says: “you are the biggest disgrace to journalism,” “how do you have a job?” or “you suck at life,” and not in those terms. This usually comes a couple times a week, and it’s usually a lot less articulate, and a lot more nasty.

Which really made me appreciate this letter from “Jim.”

He had a very favorable reaction to my essay professing my love for the city of Boston/describing all the similarities between Chicago and Boston. Jim also appreciates my blogging news about the local female news anchors apparently. At least the anchors at one specific channel.

He disagrees with me about Red Sox Nation though, and their similarities/differences to Cubs Nation.

I myself have nothing but praise for Red Sox Nation and Cubs Nation right now. I am peace with both nations. Because I myself am just a mere Banana Republic; I don’t have the national defense to take on either nation.

I actually changed my Twitter and Facebook avatars to the Boston strong. By the way, did you see the cover of the Tuesday Chicago Tribune sports section? And how it kind of said the same thing as the intro from my Boston essay?

The other thing about channel 5 is that they seem to always have the best looking women in the market. When you think about the women that either started there or are still there — Anna Davlantes, Daniela Guzman, Lauren Jiggetts, Ginger Zee, Paula Faris, Cheryl Scott, Allison Rosati — it’s quite impressive.

For as much as I liked looking at Paula Faris, I also thought she knew her stuff when it came to sports, which made it a bonus.

Finally, I just read your ode to Boston.

I agree with most of what you said, especially standing with them in this hour of its need.

I’ve never been there but have always wanted to go.

The one thing, however, with which I would probably disagree with you on — and I don’t even believe you mentioned this in any way — is the whiny way Red Sox nation had about their curse. Yeah, yeah, selling (Babe) Ruth was a mistake. But as a Cubs’ fan, I appreciate that the Hollywood Cubs’ fans didn’t go overboard and have an HBO special about our curse which, mathematically, is far worse.

I looked it up and found that since the Red Sox had last won the World Series (before the recent two), they’d at least been in the World Series four times. We’ve been in it once, and that was back in ’45.

So Dennis Leary and Ben Affleck can cry me a river. They don’t know curses.

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