Harry Teinowitz discussed his ESPN 1000 Firing on 670 The Score

Former WMVP AM 1000 co-host Harry Teinowitz was on WSCR 670 The Score this morning to discuss his dismissal from ESPN. Teinowitz was on with Mac & Spiegs. I typed out some of the highlights of what was said, and if/when The Score posts audio, I will link it. Teinowitz discussed some Bulls and Blackhawks today, but we know the number one discussion topic that drew people in.

When pink-slipped, Teinowitz was given that standard corporate/human resources/public relations b.s. “we want to move in another direction.”

He asked why?

“Well, you’ve been here the longest,” he claims they said.

“Isn’t that a good thing?” Harry Teinowitz rhetorically asked.

Teinowitz hypothesized that his firing was just an overreaction to a ratings drop. Therefore, he made sure to work in some numbers/stats about how great his ratings once were before the drop happened. I can’t blame him for the #humblebrag….well actually it wasn’t a #humblebrag, it was just plain bragging! However, given the “creative differences” that led to his not so pleasant parting of ways with WMVP, I would have rocked the mic with a chip on my shoulder too.

Teinowitz isn’t really sure why he was let go from ESPN: “no matter what I said, they already made up their mind.”

And he quickly threw in an unfunny joke: “maybe they just don’t like Jewish people.”

With his comedic background and comic training, Teinowitz should know better. During the hour I listened, I didn’t really find Teinowitz funny at all. Dan McNeil told his own story from being fired by ESPN; which he hasn’t shared publicly until today.

“I got paid a stupid amount of money to have my chair meet my ass,” was the best bite from McNeil regarding that.

“The first thing I did when I left ESPN was watch the Erin Andrews video. Have you seen it?” Mac or possibly Ben Finfer, I’m not quite sure; asked.

Teinowitz claims he has not seen the Erin Andrews video. And he added: “You can’t say a-s-s over there,” referring to AM 1000.

“I feel like you have human resources always looking over your shoulder there,” McNeil replied.

I always enjoy hearing critique of corporate micro-managers and PC police. And it must be hard for Teinowitz to enjoy sports on the same level today, since he was cut from the station.

“I’m still a big sports fan. I’m watching more baseball, which is painful,” he said on-air. LOL! Agreed. Zing!

And what about the career prospects of Harry Teinowitz?

“I hope to be somewhere by football season,” he said. “I’m talking to the other talk radio stations in town, I don’t want to move.”

Teinowitz was okay today, but he wasn’t anything special; he didn’t do anything to make me miss him- that’s for sure. He even messed up his references between “A Clockwork Orange” and “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”

McNeil was much more clever and entertaining. His show seems to share my sentiment of “DONNNNNNNNN’TTTTTT CARRRRRRRRREEEEEEEE” (credit Jay Cutler) when it comes to Derrick Rose return/rehabilitation coverage. I’ve been nauseated by the story for over a month already.

Seriously, right now, I don’t want to even hear the name Derrick Rose until Bulls Media Day in October. Hearing the name Harry Teinowitz again on my radio? I could take it or leave it. I’m cool either way. (h/t Comedy, Tragedy or Me)

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