Tom Crean gives ringing endorsement for Bill Carmody

Tom Crean gives ringing endorsement for Bill Carmody

If you follow Big Ten, or even college hoops at all, you know that Northwestern fired Bill Carmody today. There will be an official press conference tonight, when the fate of Carmody will be made official. It’s a new direction for the Northwestern basketball program.

Indiana coach Tom Crean was asked about the firing today during the Big Ten Tournament after Hoosiers were eliminated by the Wisconsin Badgers.

Crean spoke very highly of Carmody and even referenced the famous comment made by Rob Ryan, the former Defensive Coordinator of the Dallas Cowboys. After Dallas dismissed Ryan, he arrogantly said: “I’ll be out of work for like 5 minutes.”

According to Deadspin

“If you take Rob Ryan’s original statement as being about how long he would be unemployed during the entire NFL offseason, he missed the mark by about 38,641 minutes”

Of course, Carmody would never publicly say anything even remotely close to braggadocio like this, but the point is Crean believes Carmody will be highly sought after for coaching vacancies.

Here’s the full transcript:


Q. Bill Carmody got fired today from Northwestern. Like to know your thoughts on a fellow Big Ten coach.

COACH CREAN: First thing that came to my mind is when Rob Ryan lost his job with the Dallas Cowboys, he said he would be out of work about five minutes. I doubt Bill Carmody will say that, but that should be the case. He’s a great basketball coach. He’s done a phenomenal job at that university, did a phenomenal job long before that. He should be one of the more higher-demand coaches, and all anybody needs to look at is what Bruce Weber has done this year at Kansas State after leaving Illinois.

Bill Carmody should get the same opportunity at another league, there’s a lot of prestigious leagues out there and get an opportunity to coach in, and I would be shocked if he didn’t have great success. I don’t know him well personally but I know him enough to have great respect for him. When I see on film and going against him, I have incredible respect for him.

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