ABC 7's Mark Giangreco Tweets Snarky Comment on Kendall Gill-Tim Doyle Altercation

ABC 7's Mark Giangreco Tweets Snarky Comment on Kendall Gill-Tim Doyle Altercation

It’s not just local, but national news now- the Kendall Gill vs. Tim Doyle scuffle

Of course, now it’s put on the backburner with Brian Urlacher not coming back to the Chicago Bears, but it’s still a huge story. Doyle discussed it on 670 The Score Friday morning, and his spot is a MUST LISTEN.

Gill, the Comcast SportsNet Chicago Bulls analyst is currently suspended from CSN for the rest of the season.

What an emotional, controversial week for the program! On Friday, the same day Illinois won their opening round game, the suspension of Gill an Illini legend from the 1989 Final Four team, was made public. And on Sunday night, Illinois gets eliminated from the NCAA Tournament, partially because of a blown call that was so blatant even an opposing player admitted it to the press.

Of course, I called this on February 24th. When writing about the format change from Chicago Tribune Live to SportsTalk Live I said:

“Just don’t have BTN’s Tim Doyle on; because he has a track record of not saying intelligent things on the air.”

The Big Ten Network has not taken any disciplinary action against Doyle, their television analyst, at least not publicly. And Doyle is currently covering the NCAA Tournament for BTN. The network will have no further comment on the matter. However, ABC 7 Chicago sports anchor Mark Giangreco had a comment, a very colorful one.

Giangreco is never one to shy away from smart-ass, cynical comments. And Giangreco is not alone in the Twitterverse. Most tweets on the topic seem to overwhelmingly be on Gill’s side today. Even though it was Gill who threw the first punch. Apparently even Northwestern fans dislike Tim Doyle.

According to SB Nation’s NU blog Sippin on Purple:

while it’s not unprecedented for most NU fans to dislike an NU alum media member, Doyle is a different story because he was an NU athlete and somehow was NU’s second best player during his senior year. Of course, the time he called his own fan base “fair-weather fans” and “a joke” probably didn’t help his cause

The article SoP links to is about Former CNBC and current ESPN/ABC reporter Darren Rovell. And it’s a fine article, and you ought to read it, but if you want true criticism of Darren Rovell, you need to go here. If I may paraphrase Burt Bacharach “what the world, needs now, is more Darren Rovell critique.

Leitch, like the author of that Rovell piece above (me), are both Daily Illini alums. But remember, this altercation had nothing  to do with Illinois vs. Northwestern rivalry. It was about analyzing a controversial ending in the Bulls game last night. And Doyle has every right to express his opinions on Gill’s work. And not everyone sided with Gill in this Chicago sports television pundit feud.

Here’s a tweet from the Tribune’s Teddy Greenstein that actually defends Doyle and his commentary.

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