BRAWL: CSN's Kendall Gill Suspended, BTN's Tim Doyle will not be

BRAWL: CSN's Kendall Gill Suspended, BTN's Tim Doyle will not be

Update: Kendall Gill is suspended from Comcast SportsNet the entire Chicago Bulls season due to his scuffle with Tim Doyle

Update: Doyle discussed it on 670 The Score Friday morning, and his spot is a MUST LISTEN.

With the Kendall Gill vs. Tim Doyle scuffle yesterday, the Illinois vs. Northwestern rivalry is getting hotter. It started with marketing campaigns, now it’s extending to sports punditry. Kendall Gill: a former Illini star and NBA veteran (including the Chicago Bulls in 2007,) does pregame and postgame analysis for the Bulls on Comcast SportsNet Chicago. However, you won’t see him on the CSN airwaves for awhile.

Tim Doyle is a former Northwestern basketball player who is among the NU leaders in multiple statistical categories. Doyle both calls games and analyzes them in the studio for Big Ten Network, and the ‘Cats radio station WGN. He’s also quoted in every Chicago Tribune article on Northwestern hoops that you’ll ever read. So Tribune sports editor Mike Kellams must absolutely love him for some reason.

Official word from both networks on this incident follows below. But first, a little description of the fight.

Last night, according to Crain’s Danny Ecker

Mr. Gill confronted Mr. Doyle in the newsroom over critical comments he had made on the air about Mr. Gill’s analysis of the controversial final moments of Monday’s Chicago Bulls-Denver Nuggets game. The referees ruled that what at first appeared to be a last-second basket by the Bulls would not be allowed, thus giving the win to the Nuggets.The altercation happened right in front of me as Mr. Doyle and I were walking through the CSN newsroom on our way out of the building.

Mr. Gill approached Mr. Doyle and called him out for his comments, which escalated to a shoving match and ultimately Mr. Gill throwing a punch at Mr. Doyle. The two bumped up against a sign on the wall and a small amount of blood was drawn (though it was unclear exactly how) before the two were separated.

The altercation occurred after Gill, Ecker and Tim Doyle appeared as panelists on CSN’s Sports Talk Live, a new talk show that debuted last month.

Of course, I called this on February 24th. When writing about the format change from Chicago Tribune Live to SportsTalk Live I said:

“Just don’t have BTN’s Tim Doyle on; because he has a track record of not saying intelligent things on the air.”

Comcast SportsNet Chicago News Director Kevin Cross released this statement:

“We’re looking further into the incident that took place in our newsroom [last evening]. Until the investigation is complete, Kendall Gill will not be appearing on our air.”

Vice President of Community/University Relations for the Big Ten Network Elizabeth Conlisk told me by email that the BTN does not plan on issuing a statement regarding the incident. And added:

“After looking at the facts, we will not take any further action.”

Therefore, it looks like Tim Doyle will not be disciplined for his involvement in the fist-fight. Or, he already has been disciplined internally, and that action will not be made public. He is currently covering the NCAA Tournament for BTN. Given the lack of disciplinary action against Tim Doyle, and the reported description of the altercation, Gill was likely the aggressor. He “threw the first punch” so to speak. Doyle is one of the more polarizing television pundits in Big Ten country. He has many critics, including myself.

However, as much as you or I may dislike the work of Tim Doyle, I can’t ever endorse the use of physical force against him. This isn’t the seventh grade.

Here’s part one of an exclusive interview with Kendall Gill discussing the Illini

Here’s part two with Kendall Gill discussing the Bulls.

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