WSCR's Boers and Bernstein unveil new show feature

WSCR's Boers and Bernstein unveil new show feature

In the words of the CBS radio press release itself:

“For over 13 years, The Boers and Bernstein Show has polluted Chicago radio with negativity and hatred. Each year, this hatred is displayed in its full glory with The Tournament of Bad.”

It’s true, the Tournament of Bad really is the most wonderful time of the year. Past competitors in the TOB have included: no ketchup on hot dog militants, Chicago pot holes, Illinois governors, Snooki’s face, Sarah Palin, boneless skinless chicken breast, runners that run in place at stoplights, pageant moms, joint email accounts, taking pictures of your food, Guy Fieri, sports stadium marriage proposals…well you get the idea.

But now comes a respite from all the cynicism and negativity.

Full disclosure: about a year ago, Bernstein read this article of mine on the air, and I appeared as guest on the show to discuss it.

This month, The Boers and Bernstein Show gets positive by launching a new annual feature – The Boers and Bernstein Hall of Fame.

Beginning Monday, Feb. 18, the show presents four candidates a day for The B&B HOF. Listeners will be directed to to vote. If the candidate receives the necessary amount of “yes” votes, it will be inducted into the B&B HOF. The voting results will be revealed on Friday, Feb. 22 when the inaugural class is inducted into The B&B HOF.

Each member of the show will select four candidates, giving us 16 total candidates, which like the TOB, can be any person, place, or thing.

Candidates will need to receive a minimum of 90% of a “yes” vote to be selected. Candidates are eligible for one year only. Those candidates that fail to receive the necessary votes in 2013 are forever ineligible.

So it’s pretty difficult to get in. Maybe no one will get in. And it wouldn’t surprise me at all if that’s the way B&B want it. Given the sometimes acrimonious and often condescending relationship they have towards the show’s callers, expect the HOF to generate lots of debate and argumentation. Which will be good for increasing listenership. Over the years, Boers and Bernstein have feuded with many other media personalities, and inspired a lot of criticism and hate. This feature likely will yield similar results.

And criticism and hate are good things; it keeps them listening. Unlike the incessant bombardment of Pajamagram and Vermont Teddy Bear ads this time of year (Valentine’s Day), that drives listeners away!

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