Jenny McCarthy has an actual Sun-Times desk

Jenny McCarthy has an actual Sun-Times desk

It’s like Charles Barkley said (but likely borrowed from someone else), “no one tells pretty girls the truth.” We might as well call this the Jenny McCarthy rule.

Despite her lack of talent, she keeps getting work, and good work at that.  Her current role with the Sun-Times is an offshoot of the Splash partnership between the Chicago Sun-Times and McCarthy. She’s a columnist and blogger. And yes, she’s even an advice columnist. Because the first person I would ask for advice is someone who accidentally sends a nude photo of herself to her dentist.

She again posed for Playboy a few months ago, so she is still known first and foremost as being walking masturbation fodder. She first became famous by taking her clothes off and becoming the 1994 Playboy Playmate of the year. Just what you look for in a big city newspaper writer.

And I’ve learned a lot more about her role at the Sun-Times.

They gave McCarthy a desk. As primary a digital columnist who reportedly has a house way out in Geneva, I’m guessing she uses this desk maybe once a week at most? More likely once a month? And here’s another thing I learned- an actual true working journalist had to give up that desk for McCarthy.

Why? I’m guessing the S-T wants to have her desk as a landmark to show as a tour of the office centerpiece. It can be the perfect recruiting tool.

“See a celebrity works here. And as we continue to Honey Boo-Booify our audience with expanding gossip and society sections, you’ll be a part of that. And maybe be a celebrity one day too.”

I’m sure the true journalists who are still there were disgusted by this decision. Whatever fantasies Chairman Michael Ferro is trying to fulfill when he made this hire is one thing. That’s not too offensive or dangerous. But when you have a history for making statements like these and become the face of the anti-vaccine crusade, really bad things can happen. Someone like that should not be a writer for the second biggest paper in the third largest market.

But hey, Ferro brought us a big picture of McCarthy in a bath tub last Sunday. That’s worth setting science back to the dark ages, right?

It’s time someone tells this pretty girl the truth about medicine.

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