Who had the most accurate 2012 NBA Mock Draft?

Who had the most accurate 2012 NBA Mock Draft?

Everyone had Chicagoan (Perspectives Charter) Anthony Davis going #1 overall. However, a mock draft is exactly like a sports nerd crossword puzzle- you have to work hard to make things fit logically. And our friends at Weakside Awareness have done a study showing who can complete the puzzle most effectively.

From WA:

NBA Draft 2012 is in the books so it’s time for a lot of grading… no, I don’t mean judging teams or drafted players because it’s too early but there’s one draft-related topic which doesn’t require waiting few years:

Who Had The Best and Worst 2012 Mock Drafts on the Internet?

Take a look at his table and chart.

Is this unbelievable or what? The same guy – David Kay – had the most accurate mock 2 years in a row??? I mean seriously, what’s going on here?? Have I made mistake? Was I bribed and I don’t know anything about it??? 😉

Here’s his final mock.


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