Len and Bob silent to Jeff Garlin's Soriano trade request (video)

Len and Bob silent to Jeff Garlin's Soriano trade request (video)

Chicago Cubs fans would love to see Alfonso Soriano traded out of The Chi. But curb your enthusiasm for it actually happening- who’s going to take that albatross of a contract off their hands? It didn’t stop comedian/sitcom star Jeff Garlin from expressing his hopes that the Cubbies can unload the most overpaid player in MLB.

Garlin was the guest brought in to sing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” at yesterday’s Cubs game versus the Detroit Tigers and after his rendition, joined the Cubs broadcast booth for the bottom half of the 7th inning. The Cubs announcer duo of Len Kasper and Bob Brenly react as you might expect when the topic of trading Soriano comes up.

There’s some uncomfortable silence for a few seconds before Garlin nervously laughs, apologizes and switches the topic. Garlin also finished his singing of the stretch by shouting “Lemme tell ya: you Tigers fans suck!” at the Wrigley crowd. Detroit fans comprised about the three-quarters of the season high 42,000+ at the Friendly Confines; which was quite surprising. Detroit won 5-3 by the way.


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  • Brenly spends much of his time bemoaning the lack of instant replay. He tiresomely squawks about the balls and strikes calls (espicially when they go against the Cubbies) and would prefer an infallible automaton behind the plate. Maybe we can get R2D2 to replace him.

  • It isn't clear any more whether Len and Bob are employees of Chicago National League Baseball Club LLC, Comcast Sports Net, or WGN, so I don't know how much they can comment about which of their bosses.

    In any event, apparently its Theo's or Jed's decision, and, as you noted, Garlin was lucky he wasn't lynched (and not Ed Lynched) by the Tigers crowd.

  • @Aquinas love me some R2D2!

    @Jack this is life in the the world of "media synergy"

  • LOVE that Len and Bob addressed this exchange during the broadcast the next day. In the 5th inning after Soriano batted, they said something to the effect of

    "there's been some blog posts, some people thought it was awkward, we need to clarify"

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