My name is Stu Jacover and I currently serve as VP of Strategy & Development for Hoist Liftruck Manufacturing. When I am not moving iron for Hoist I am focused on sports.  Having been born and raised in Chicago I am an unapologetic homer for all things Chicago sports covering the Bears, Blackhawks, Bulls and baseball on both side of town.

I was fortunate to grow up reading some of the best sports writers in the business and will try and keep their spirit alive in this blog.  I am writing about the same things you are talking to your crew to your local neighborhood tavern. Consider this Chicago sports served on tap!

I hit the draft lottery with my wife Pam and I am GM to three tiny dancers who I am enthusiastically indoctrinating to all things Chicago sports!  Be sure to subscribe to Chicago Sports Homer subscription and to follow me on Twitter @stujacover. I can also be reached at stujacover@comcast.net.