Remembering the iconic George S. Halas Award speech by Gale Sayers on May 25th 1970

On May 25th, 1970 Brian Piccolo and his wife Joy were still settling back into their home on Hunt Place in Chicago. Another harsh Midwestern winter    had given way to the miracle of spring. The grass was newly green. Tulips were now blooming in front of the house. They planned on spending a week... Read more »

The 1967 All-Star Game Was a Prelude To The Year Of The Pitcher

After seeing the most recent no-hitter pitched in the majors yesterday, I was reminded of some pitching feats from the past. Particularly, 50 years in the past. If  you’re a baseball fan of a certain age you know that 1968 was indeed  the “year of the pitcher.” Bob Gibson finished the season with an astonishing ... Read more »

"We beat the Russians" the impact of the 1980 Olympic hockey team

We all know it happened at the height of the cold war. America, much as it is today, was terribly divided. Domestic frustrations were running incredibly high. But not as high as the international tensions between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. We desperately needed a shot in the arm. And from mid to late... Read more »

The Bears Greatest Middle Linebacker Who You Got?

The Bears’ tradition of great middle linebackers can be researched back to the invention of the position. The distinction of being the first man in the middle is held by Bears Hall of Famer Bill George, whose career spanned most of the 1950’s and over half of the 60’s. George was drafted by the Bears... Read more »

The storied and fun history of the 125 year old Stanley Cup

The storied and fun history of the 125 year old Stanley Cup
The man was Lord Stanley of Preston, the Governor General of Canada. The year was 1892 and Lord Stanley decided to buy a fancy decorative cup in London for the bawdy sum of ten guineas. That was the equivalent of about 50 bucks back then. He had no idea at the time just how iconic... Read more »

How watching golf on television helped me become who I am

Since you’ve just read the headline I want everyone to take a deep breath, stop laughing, and let me explain. Okay then, it all began when I was growing up in my father’s rather large footsteps. At least in my adolescent eyes they were. My dad was a fan of golf. Both playing and watching... Read more »

The bittersweet story of Steve Goodman and Go Cubs Go

By now you’ve all heard the famous Cubs anthem “Go Cubs Go”, but do you know it’s backstory? Not that many do. It all came about in March of 1984 when WGN Chicago contacted singer-songwriter Steve Goodman and asked him to write and record a jingle that could be played at the start of every... Read more »

Fun facts about the Masters

If you are a golfer, even one with a 25 handicap, you look forward anxiously to this week’s tournament in Augusta. It is Masters week after all. No other sporting event says spring quite like this one. Everything is gorgeous and inviting and especially green. Except of course the equally beautiful Magnolia trees that line the... Read more »

The Chicago Bulls inaugural season was one for the record books

1966 was a time of great change in the United States. Martin Luther King was marching in Chicago. Protesters were denouncing another war abroad. Ronald Reagan gave up acting to become Governor of California, and Daylight Savings Time was introduced nationally. In the sports world, Bobby Hull of the Blackhawks broke the NHL scoring record, and the... Read more »

Martin Luther King and his Chicago campaign of 1966

Martin Luther King’s foray into Chicago’s civil rights movement actually began in the summer of 1965. It was then that several groups asked if King would lead a demonstration against segregation in education, housing, and employment. Chicago activist Albert Raby soon asked if the King led Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) would join the movement specifically for fair... Read more »