Fun facts I read on the internet (so they must be true?)

1.   Every language known to man has numerous words for drunk but not for sober.

2.   Renoir was nearsighted. Rembrandt was farsighted. Van Gogh had glaucoma and Monet had cataracts.

3.   A cookbook from Buffalo in 1890 had in it the first recipe for that sandwich now called the “hamburger”. It seems two brothers, Charles and Frank Menches,  arrived at the county fair in Hamburg, N.Y. a little too late to get the chopped pork they were after so the butcher gave them chopped beef instead. The sandwich they made from said beef they ended up naming after the town where they got the meat.

4.   When you fall in love, your brain produces a chemical that picks up your pulse rate, increases your energy level, and gives you a happy dreamy feeling. The name of this chemical is Phenylethylamine. Many chocolate makers will tell you where else you can find it.

5.   Morris Michtom, who was the founder of the Ideal Toy Corporation, once asked none other than Theodore Roosevelt for a huge favor. “Sure you can use my name but I doubt it will mean much in your business” Roosevelt said. Shortly afterwards the company began selling Teddy Bears.

6.   You know who invented the roller coaster? Catherine the Great. She did! She had her architect, a Antonio Rinaldi, draw up plans for a track that would hold bobsleds in the winter and roller coaster style cars in the summer. For her personal resort. Between 1762 and 1774. She called the place Coasting Hill.

7.   There are officially 7.019230769 days in a week. In case yours is seeming a little long.

8.   When you yawn- as you no doubt just did-you take in three times more oxygen than you do in a normal breath. You don’t yawn because you’re tired. You just aren’t breathing deep enough.

9.   Two out of three people do not recognize their own voice when they hear it recorded.

10.   The most popular postage stamp ever printed only had a word on it. That word was “Love”.

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