The person responsible for the death of President Kennedy may not be who you think

First of all I feel the need to tell you that I have not done extensive research on this subject. And secondly, let me warn you that my theorem is most certainly going to be deemed “out there” by almost everyone.

But that said, let me tell you what I believe happened on this day in 1963.

Actually my postulation begins almost ten years before the assassination of our 35th President. In a small wedding ceremony, at the City Hall of San Francisco. That is where actress  Marilyn Monroe married retired baseball player Joe DiMaggio on January 14, 1954. It is somewhat important to note the marriage lasted only nine months. Their divorce became final in November of ’54.

Marilyn went on to marry again. This time to playwright Arthur Miller. But DiMaggio never stopped loving her. After Monroe’s apparent suicide Joe left flowers at her grave every week for twenty years. That’s how devoted he was to her.

Now, I say apparent suicide because I believe it was murder. And I believe the same person was responsible for both hers and President Kennedy’s death. Remember I said responsible, not guilty of. Okay then, back to the story.

The main reason for the divorce was Marilyn’s constant infidelity. Now Joe described her as immature, but he wanted to use much stronger language. You see, when Norma Jean Baker (Monroe) was getting passed from foster home to foster home she encountered boys and men who abused her sexually. Years later her sex addiction would become her coping mechanism.

Fast forward to 1962. J. Edgar Hoover, then head of the FBI, was having Marilyn Monroe followed everywhere she went. In every city, in every country she visited. Mostly what this did was exacerbate her already heightened sense of paranoia. It would be a contributing factor to her seeing a psychiatrist in the final months of her life.

Now the official reason Hoover was having Monroe followed was to see if she was a communist sympathizer. The real reason was as a favor to his friend. One Walter Winchell. Winchell was a radio gossip commentator who loved to stir up trouble and was also befriended by the aforementioned DiMaggio. It was Joe D. who requested to Winchell to have his ex-wife followed by the FBI.

Also during this time Chicago mobster Sam Giancana was collaborating with Hoover to get the President to stop his incessant efforts to bring down America’s top crime lords. When it came to organized crime, somehow the head of the FBI was always willing to look the other way.

Of course Giancana’s hatred for John F. Kennedy knew no bounds. And vice versa. And this is where the weaved web starts getting all tangled.

It was about then that Marilyn was having another of her many trysts. This one with Frank Sinatra. One weekend Sinatra confided to her that he was getting together with the President for drinks and asked if she would like to meet him. Sinatra had helped get Kennedy elected so he thought of them as buddies. Monroe was of course, very eager to meet JFK.

After a brief encounter with the President, Marilyn became enamored with him. To the point of stalking. She may or may not have had a sexual relationship with Kennedy. I don’t think that’s the important point. She wanted to be with him. She wanted him to leave his wife and his unhappy marriage and start a new life with her.

That is about the time Hoover started having Monroe continuously followed so wind of her infatuation with the President soon got back to DiMaggio. Upon this news Joe, being an Italian, decided to visit Giancana, another Italian, to see if anything could be done about the entire situation. Giancana said he could take care of it, but it might get messy.

DiMaggio didn’t care. He didn’t want to know any details, he just wanted the two of them separated. Well unbeknownst to Joe, Hoover was wanting the same thing and made it clear to Giancana. The caveat: The President of the United States was not to be harmed.

Giancana saw this as the perfect way to solve his problem with Kennedy and help both Hoover and DiMaggio in the process. Of course it was a solution that DiMaggio would not like, but it would take care of his problem.

Meanwhile, Marilyn Monroe was calling the White House on a daily basis trying to get someone to let her talk to the President. Finally JFK had enough and summoned for his brother Robert to take care of a personal matter. He instructed Bobby to go over to Marilyn’s to meet and try to talk some sense into her.

The timing could not have been better for Giancana. He sent a goon over to Marilyn after Bobby had left with specific instructions to kill Monroe and leave evidence of a suicide that he thought would ruin the Kennedy Presidency. Hoover tried to help this along by leaking knowledge of Marilyn having affairs with both John and Bobby.

What they failed to realize was just how far reaching the Kennedy family’s influence went and how beloved he was by America. The murder was a failure in another way too. Joe DiMaggio became inconsolable.

He took control of Marilyn’s funeral and paid for everything. I’ve already told you about the flowers at her grave. For two decades no less. Well Giancana then felt really bad about how this all was affecting DiMaggio. He being a nice Italian boy and all. It seemed the only course of action would be to now get rid of the President.

So plans were set in motion and eventually a scapegoat was found. Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the actual killing of Kennedy. But the assassination was planned by Giancana, despite Hoover insisting that he leave it alone. And the person being ultimately responsible for the death of our President, albeit in a very widely roundabout way, was Marilyn Monroe.

Remember, I have done no real research to warrant this purely speculative conclusion. It is merely an unbridled hypothesis on my part. Please take it with the grain of salt it deserves.

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