Blackhawks Game Tomorrow How Superstitious Are You?

From Webster’s:  Superstition- A belief or practice resulting from ignorance, fear of the unknown, trust in magic or chance or a false conception of causation.

Wrong, wrong, wrong! Like the inimitable Crash Davis once said; “If you believe you’re playing well because you’re getting laid, or not getting laid, or because you’re wearing women’s underwear, then you ARE!”

Game #1 of the Western Conference finals is tomorrow afternoon. That means my usual pre-game rituals will be in play. Like many hockey fans I am superstitious. Almost to the point of having OCD.

I will of course be wearing my lucky hat. And I will not remove said hat except for when I stand and sing the national anthem. Luckily for everyone I know, I’ll be doing these things from the comfort of my living room. Alone.

If anyone happens to stop by it is a virtual certainty that the Blackhawks will start playing horribly. Prompting me to get rid of the intruder forthwith. And I am not the only fan that has created certain intricacies to help my team win. In fact, most of the Blackhawks are themselves superstitious.

It’s been going on for decades too. Glenn Hall, Mr. Goalie himself, used to vomit before every game. It wasn’t nerves either. He said he thought he would lose if he didn’t regurgitate before taking the ice.

The great Stan Mikita would flick a lit cigarette over his left shoulder as he stepped onto the ice for his pre-game skate around. Just think what would happen in the media if anyone did that now.

This year if the Blackhawks should happen to be presented with the Campbell Cup for winning the Western Conference, you can bet that Captain Toews will once again avoid touching it. Hell, he might not even look at it. That’s because any other trophy is meaningless if you don’t win Lord Stanley’s happiness apparatus.

That particular superstition has been handed down through the years and followed by many teams. As has the growing of facial hair throughout the playoffs. No, the playoff beards is not a Blackhawks invention.

Now I’ve never had the pleasure of being in the Chicago locker room. But I have it on the highest authority (because I read The Sports that no one is allowed to touch the Indian Head logo that is planted squarely on the floor. When the media traffic begins to get too high, they’ll even cordon it off.

On this year’s team, Niklas Hjalmarsson takes superstition to a whole new level. He refuses to even tell anyone what his are. Most if not all of the Blackhawks have some form of superstition or game day ritual.

The one guy in the locker room who doesn’t prescribe to any superstitions is Coach Joel Quenneville. Which kind of puts a damper on this article. Maybe we should all just follow Coach Q’s lead. After all, he has a great record without any of this silliness.

Nah. Tomorrow at two o’clock I’ll be wearing my lucky hat for game 1 against the Kings. And I will be standing and singing the national anthem in my living room. While clapping. All to help the Blackhawks procure another victory. By myself, of course.

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