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10 fun facts about the Chicago Blackhawks

Well we all know how the year went for the Cubs and White Sox. And injuries have severely hampered the chances for the Bears and Bulls. But there’s always the Blackhawks to fall back on. The Hawks currently sit at the top of the standings in the entire NHL and I find myself wondering if... Read more »

Cubs shortlist: Hey Theo don't forget a closer

Well it appears that baseball’s silly season is suddenly upon us again. I guess that makes this a pretty good time to talk about the Cubs needs. One need in particular. For the last two or three decades now baseball history has shown a team cannot even contend for a wild card spot, let alone win a division without... Read more »

Horace Grant was one of the Bull's original "big three"

Everyone knows that Michael and Scottie were there for all six of the Bulls championships. And almost everybody remembers that Dennis Rodman was there for the last three. After all, each of the three are still highly visible either on television or in news print. But outside of Chicago there are many people who have now... Read more »

1971 Bears vs. Lions The tragic death of Chuck Hughes

People who were there say they are still haunted. Haunted by the eerie wail of the ambulance siren as it echoed off the downtown Detroit buildings. When it left Tiger Stadium that fateful day there were very few people who knew that Chuck Hughes was already gone. It remains the greatest tragedy and only death ever to occur during a... Read more »