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Cutler-out Briggs-out D Rose and the Bulls-IN the nick of time

It’s not even November yet and I’m thinking Sunday afternoons may have just gotten a whole lot less interesting. At least for a month or more. The truth is without our quarterback and our signal caller on defense ( both pro bowlers by the way ) I don’t think there’s a lot good that can... Read more »

Why not go with "The Hawk"? My pitch for Andre Dawson as the new Cubs manager

I know that everyone says you have to have minor league or collegiate coaching experience to manage in the big leagues.  I know they say there are just too many intricacies that have to be learned. And as a White Sox fan I’ve witnessed the raised eyebrows and the doubts about the hiring of Robin Ventura. But there... Read more »

No government shutdown will affect this Blackhawks opening night celebration

Well they did it. The stupid ass politicians in Washington have shut down the government. I really didn’t think they would all go through with it. Of course this will adversely affect too many Americans to count. In ways many of us haven’t even thought of. But we’re going to think about that tomorrow. Tonight... Read more »