We've lost our voice America!

Well, I spent this past weekend in Las Vegas and while I was sitting in the sports book at The Quad (formerly the Imperial Palace) contemplating my next wager, I noticed a rather disturbing trend that I believe is happening all over the country.

America, we have completely lost our ability to communicate with strangers. And the saddest part is that many of these people would cease to be strangers if we hadn’t lost the simple wherewithal to start up a conversation.

Now I’m not saying I didn’t meet anyone in the city of neon. I most certainly did. And it was a great time.

I’m saying that many, many people with whom I normally would have enjoyed being around and talking football with not only weren’t talking, they weren’t even looking toward other people to make eye contact. And this coming in a room where cell phones had to be off!

My entire life sports has made it easier for me to meet people. To converse with them and learn about their lives partly through the comparison of their favorite teams and mine. That is now changing drastically, I’m afraid.

Maybe this weekend was just an anomaly. I’m hoping it was. I’m hoping I caught those people at a bad time. When they were losing too much, or too engrossed in their team’s prospects on that particular day.

But if it wasn’t then I say we as a society have a lot of work to do. To reverse this trend. And get back to knowing each other on a more personal level again.


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