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An Open Letter To Steve Bartman

To the esteemed Mr. Steve Bartman, Hello Mr. Bartman. Let me preface this letter by telling you that I am not a die hard Cubs fan. I am in fact a White Sox fan. I know, I know, right now you’re wondering to yourself why I’m bothering to write to you then. But don’t you see, that makes... Read more »

We've lost our voice America!

Well, I spent this past weekend in Las Vegas and while I was sitting in the sports book at The Quad (formerly the Imperial Palace) contemplating my next wager, I noticed a rather disturbing trend that I believe is happening all over the country. America, we have completely lost our ability to communicate with strangers. And the saddest... Read more »

Rick Casares 1931 - 2013 R.I.P. and Thank You

Chicago lost one of it’s true sports heroes over the past weekend. And while it was merely a blip on the radar screen of the national media, it was felt deeply by many of the Bears family and fans who knew of his brilliance on the football field. Casares was drafted by the Bears in the... Read more »

Could Gale Sayers have been the greatest ever? I state my case for yes

If knee injuries had not cut down the rising star of the Kansas Comet he just may have become the greatest running back in the history of the NFL. Now before you start trying to laugh me out of town please allow me to show you my reasoning for such a bold statement. But first... Read more »