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Martin Luther King Jr. marched forward into history. Has America stopped marching?

In 1963 the great reverend Martin Luther King Jr. bade us all to march forward into an unknown. He grabbed the whole of America by our collective ears and said come with me, into that better future that awaits us each and every one. His hopes and dreams were not centered solely on the betterment of “his” people.... Read more »

When Bob Love Speaks People Listen

Bob Love was born and grew up in the small town of  Bastrop, Louisiana. He was a star high school football and basketball player and went on to become a star basketball player at Southern University and eventually went to the NBA and became the greatest Chicago Bulls player before Michael Jordan. Nicknamed “Butterbean” as... Read more »

Ryne Sandberg- Major League Manager- Bout F****n Time

So it finally happened. Ryne Sandberg is the new manager of the Philadelphia Phillies. I wonder how much teeth grinding is going on in the offices of the Cubs right about now. Probably not nearly as much as most Chicago fans would expect. Back in 2010 then Cubs manager Lou Piniella decided he’d had enough... Read more »

Doug Plank is still hitting 'em hard in any arena

When Doug Plank was playing football at Norwin High School in North Huntington Pennsylvania all he could think about was playing for his beloved Penn State University. But then on a recruiting trip a PSU scout told him that he was too small to be a defensive back at a major division one school. Luckily for Plank, Earle... Read more »